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What's a full automatic paper cup machine?

August 14, 2023

    Full automatic paper cup machine is an efficient and energy -saving equipment for making paper containers. This type of machine is not only powerful, but also simple and convenient. It is a high frequency in the packaging industry. equipment.

     The main feature of the automatic paper cup machine is the high degree of automation, which can realize the entire process operation of automatic feeding, heat sealing, oil seal, bottom rinse, heating, bottom folding, bottom preheating, upper wall brewing, and cup out of the cup.     


     The design is scientific and reasonable, the structure is stable, the performance is stable, and the service life is long.

      With this device, max 120 paper cups can be made per minute, which greatly improves production efficiency.


      At the same time, the machine uses a PLC microcomputer system to automatically detect and control the temperature to ensure the quality control of each cup.

      During the use of automatic paper cup machines, different cup -mouth diameter can be set according to different needs to meet the production needs of various types and specifications cups. In addition, it also has automatic counting and integrated timing function, which facilitates production statistics and management.

      Shunda Full automatic paper cup machine is suitable for the production of various hot and cold beverage paper cups, milk paper cups, ice cream paper cups, quick -dissolved paper cups, various hot and cold food paper bowls, and other disposable paper catering products. It is widely used in the packaging industry, catering industry, cold drinks, cafes, and various large -scale activities.