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Starbucks Trial Reusable Cups

April 26, 2021

Since playing "environmental protection" into marketing, there has been a "ideal is very plump, reality is very bone-chilling" problem. Recently, Starbucks introduced a "reusable cup" where customers can choose to pay a $1 deposit when they buy a drink and choose to reuse the cup, which will be refunded upon return. Each recycled cup is cleaned and disinfected for the next use.

However, this "environmental protection" move has caused netizens to worry about health and safety, why the brand launched environmental protection concept products have not been recognized by consumers?

⭐️ Why is environmental marketing getting harder?
From Starbucks to the previous "plastic restriction order", "ban on plastic" and other environmental public welfare topics, "environmental marketing" has been in the side of efforts to practice while suffering controversy, "environmental protection" and consumer acceptance, there has always been "difficult to use", "difficult to land", "difficult to endure" and other issues.

1️ experience is poor, practical and environmental protection is difficult to both
The most typical example is the "paper straw" during the plastic restriction order. Because the degradation of plastic straws takes more than 500 years, many catering enterprises have tried to use "paper straws" instead of plastic straws. However, the consumer's actual sense of experience has dropped dramatically - paper straws are easily softened in water, food tastes are affected, and they feel like they're licking paper cartridges.... There is always no good balance between eco-friendly product design and the user's real experience.

2️ say nothing, words and deeds are difficult to unify
During April Fool's Day, Trensu's "desert organic milk" caused discussion and questioning. Trensu launched a limited number of desert oasis gift box, "desert milk" as a "gimmick", more focused on the commercial association of product origin, and there is no actual output on desert governance, its so-called "wake up the vitality of the desert" has become over-packaged, not strong correlation slogan, not "environmental marketing", more like "new product publicity."

3️ a flash in the pan, a long battle is hard to fight
There are too many flashy environmental ideas out there, but what's going on behind those environmentally friendly designs? For example, KFC wooden spoon, hungry can eat chopsticks... Environmental marketing is a "long-lasting war", can not be achieved overnight, whether in product research and development technology or consumer environmental protection implementation level, still face a lot of practical problems.

⭐️ environmentally friendly ideas, these brand marketing practices deserve recognition
1️ turn waste into treasure, into the "environmental protection" concept
Tea industry "net red" brand tea, in the face of a large number of abandoned Bobo cups, choose the way to recycle → reproduction, bobo cups into environmentally friendly bags and raincoats, both practical and good-looking. IKEA makes plastics that can be found everywhere in its life into cabinets, furniture coatings and home products that meet the real demand for products and bring more people into the environmental team.

2️ creative ideas to enhance the sense of participation
Environmental marketing should pay attention to the user's "participation", play an inspiration or warning role, let people's environmental protection behavior spontaneously. For example, a Finnish stamp that changes color at the touch of a finger changes the pattern, and the flying birds become isolated skeletons, a "black technology" design that presents issues such as species extinction and global warming in creative ways.

3️ persist for a long time
Environmental marketing is not an overnight thing. Coca-Cola, for example, has been in the cause of environmental protection, it uses recycled Cola bottles to produce limited environmental protection packages, marine waste to create recycled bottles, held "no waste in the world" public welfare activities, to encourage empty bottle recycling and so on.

Environmental marketing is a long-term combat work, in people ask brand marketing should pay more attention to social responsibility and take into account the actual experience of users, we can also seriously put into the "environmental protection", only users, brands, society, the world and other parties to work together, it is possible to make "environmental marketing" really land.