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shunda High speed machine SMD-90 export to U.S.A

April 3, 2015

2014, We have Exported High Speed paper Cup machine SMD-90 TO U.S.A(American ), 

this New machinery is popular in the Market 


Benefits of paper cup machine


♣ Hi-tech Cylindrical indexing gear

♣ Switzerland Hot air sealing device 

♣ Mitsubishi PLC tracking and Touch screen Controlling cabinet

♣ Servo-driven bottom-web feed with infinitely variable setting


The shunda paper cup machine is made of a rugged frame structure that weighs about 
4000 kg’s resulting in less vibration and low noise levels providing an excellent operating environment. we use Gear for the machinery working which is imported directly from Korean.  The machines life could well exceed 10 years under proper maintenance.
Wearing parts : All sliding and moving parts are heat treated and hardened which adds long life to the machine and quality in production with less cup rejections.
The shunda  machine is based on Program Logic Control(PLC) technology. With this technology complications in electrical systems are reduced that results in less rejection and wastage of paper. A host of engineering innovations incorporated in the machine ensures reliable, economical & high speed performance.





Speed 速度

90 Pcs/Min  90个/分钟

Cup size  Range  杯型范围

<16oz   小于16盎司

Material 材料

Single  and  Double  PE coated paper  单/双 PE 淋膜纸

Paper request Gram 纸张克重

135-450GSM(single and double PE coated paper) 

135-450克(单/双 PE 淋膜纸)

Heating  system 加热系统

Hot air system (from Switzerland) 瑞士热风系统

Output 输出功率

380V,16 KW,50HZ, Three Phase four wire 

380 伏 16千瓦 50赫兹 三相四线 

Air compressor 气泵

0.5 M³/Min  0.5 立方/分钟

Net weight 净重

4 TONS  4  吨

Machinery Size 机器尺寸

2500  ×1800 ×1700 MM(毫米)

Counter Size 计数器尺寸

900 ×900 ×1760 MM (毫米)